Virtual Assistant & Online Business Manager

Hi, I’m Jodie Bowker.

I am a virtual assistant (VA) and online business manager (OBM), and the owner of Love of Home and type+writer Creative Solutions.

I am VA to some amazing clients, including Jen Bishop (The Interiors Addict), and Naomi Findlay (International Institute of Home Staging, the Reno Show, and creator of the Rapid Reno Mate). My team and I also work with a number of other successful home stagers, stylists, designers, and other creative professionals.

Prior to starting a career in administration, project management and coordination, and studying marketing and social media marketing I spent more than 20 years in the interiors and decorating industry primarily as a window furnishings specialist.  In all I bring you over 30 years of experience across industries, professions, as well as business management and ownership.

In 2014 I took the plunge and started my VA business and type+writer Creative Solutions was born!  Over the years I have worked with hundreds of wonderful clients on so many different projects, but my niche, my dream clients are the clients working in the industry that I started in and love so much … the creative professionals!

Recently I brought my VA services for creative professionals across from type+writer Creative Solutions to my interiors business, Love of Home, and a whole business re-configuration was set into play.

Love of Home provides specialist VA and OBM services to creative professionals across interiors, exteriors, decorating, designing, and beyond.

Virtual Assistant (VA) is a highly-skilled, independent professional who remotely provides administrative, technical and/or creative business support services remotely.

A VA does the majority of things that a personal assistant or office administrator does: answering telephones, replying to emails, invoicing your clients, following up on quotes… anything you can do online, your VA can help you with.

An Online Business Manager (OBM) is a virtually based support professional who manages online based businesses, including the day-to-day management of projects, operations, team members, and metrics.

The OBM keeps all the balls in the air and harmoniously combines the major functions of the business (sales, marketing, operations, and finance), runs the organisation, and manages day-to-day issues. This role is literally the glue that holds the people, processes, systems, and strategy of the business together.

The interiors and renovating industries are growing rapidly, and as a flow on the number of clients you’ll be picking up will increase as well. It can be exciting to watch your creative business grow. But, you should think seriously about taking on a virtual assistant to take care of the busyness work and let you focus on the creative work.

As a business owner you’ll be the one doing the creative work and all of the administrative work too, unless … you take on a virtual assistant (VA) or online business manager (OBM) to do those time-consuming (and boring but essential) tasks that eat into your creative (and family times!).

Let’s face it you didn’t become a creative professional to sit in an office and answer emails all day.  If the busywork starts to last longer than the creative work, you run the risk of burning out.

A Love of Home VA or OBM can take away some of the stresses of your creative business by managing your administrative projects and tasks. A skilled virtual assistant can answer your emails, handle bookkeeping and finances, answer calls, reach out to current and prospective clients, schedule appointments, and manage travel and lodging accommodations. They can even source and purchase products on your behalf.  An OBM can manage the different teams and trades you need to run your business.

Love of Home have VAs skilled in social media marketing and SEO who can craft beautiful advertisements, emails, and newsletter or website copy. We even have VAs who can create 2D and 3D renders, compose concept designs and inspiration/mood boards, edit photos, draft floor plans, and more!

A Love of Home VA can also network with valuable partners and liaise with designers, photographers, curators, and more. A VA can handle all of the coordination between your clients and vendors so you don’t have to.

The Love of Home VA and OBM services are provided by a team of superstar VAs – our clients have the support of a whole team of VAs who can provide a wide range of skills and you also get the benefit of knowing that your VA always has a backup too!  Every one of Love of Home’s superstar VAs are carefully recruited to the team and given plenty of support and mentoring so you know you’re getting an amazing service experience.

Love of Home also offers a free Service Directory for creative professionals to list your business (regardless of whether or not we provide VA or OBM services to you).  In our weekly podcasts we interview industry professionals and hold all show notes and recordings on our website which provides the impetus for our listeners to visit for more information and to seek out professionals for their decorating, renovating, and styling needs … win-win!

Love of Home are the Outsourcing Professionals for Creative Professionals!  If working with Love of Home is something you’re ready to find out more about I invite you to schedule a free 20-minute chat to learn more about how a Love of Home VA or OBM can work for you.

Sometimes it’s really hard to get your head around what you want to achieve, where you’re going, and how to get there. Other times you might feel as though you are sinking and overwhelmed with trying to find clients, grow your business, and are not sure that you’re on the right path!  Working through a specific problem and clearing the white noise together to get your creative business back on track!  We offer a one-hour Consultative Chat for $70, and if you decide to engage our services (the chat is no pressure!) we’ll deduct 50% of your Consultative Chat fee from your first invoice.  Book your one-hour Consultative Chat here – after your Consultative Chat we’ll send you through a written report with our recommendations.

We can’t wait to work with you!

The fine print and a rundown on what we offer can be found here.