Santa’s Christmas Shop!

Welcome to the Love of Home Christmas Shop!

Since 2007 I have been assisting Santa with his letter writing duties, writing personalised letters from Santa for children and adults of all ages.  This year I’ve brought Santa’s store across to the Love of Home website.

So, what about these personalised letters from Santa, eh?!  Well, they are the MOST unique and individually personalised letters from Santa that you’ll find anywhere in the world … in fact my letters from Santa have been sent all over the world!

Letters for children of all ages – big and small, believers and doubters, baby’s first Christmas, and letters for ADULTS too – if ever there was a year that adults need a letter from Santa, 2020 is it!  Can you think of a single adult who wouldn’t LOVE a letter from Santa this year?!

My letters are seriously individual and very personalised.  Every single letter is written from scratch … I do not use any templates!  Others have tried to copy my Santa letters, but the reality is that none come close to the content that goes into my letters.

Nowadays though I will post all over the world (dependent on postal services), but my customers (ie. the person ordering the letters) are based in Australia.

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