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So, how did we get to here? Well, I’ll skip over lots of the past and land back in around July 2017 {cue Twilight Zone music} … I decided to sell my home and move to a whole new area and be mortgage free!

This was a HUGE decision because I did (and still do) truly love that house we called home, the neighbourhood, community, and the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. While school friends were sharing posts on Facebook and Instagram about their big 5-0 birthday celebrations such as overseas trips, new cars, retirement(!) I decided that my big 5-0 gift to me would also be a change of scenery and a new adventure … but definitely not being able to retire mine would also (hopefully) be akin to a working holiday as I took my work with me!

I knew that in order to maximise the sale price on my home there were some renovations that needed to be done and also that the time of year for sale was also going to be important – the Dandenong Ranges are beautiful all year ’round but when you live there you *know* that winter can be cold, damp, and miserable while the heat of summer combined with the bush surroundings doesn’t always make to good house viewing weather (a total fire ban day and there goes your planned open for inspection!). So I planned for the most beautiful season … spring. In spring the ground would be drier, and my garden was guaranteed to put on a display, while the sunny days would make everything brighter and fresher.

So, I made my lists of what to do: finish painting the exterior, paint the lounge and meals area (a job I had been putting off for years because of the nightmare that is painting timber panelling), replace the downstairs carpet, and do a little bit of carpentry repair work. Also on the list was packing up excess furniture and belongings to store in a storage facility – I’ve since discovered that packing for storage is VERY different to simply packing to move house; but I’m saving that for another blog post.

And so in August it began … with the help of my wonderful family (Mum, Dad, Grant, Josh, Fiona, Elisa, Simone, Noah, Ryan, and Rhys) and some wonderful friends (Gemma, Paul, Mark, Heather, Chris, Julie, Mandee) and my new friends Shaun the Handyman and Glenn the Carpenter (seriously if you live in the Dandenongs and need carpentry or home maintenance/repair work done … Shaun and Glenn are amazing!).

It was full-on until our house was listed on Friday October 6. When I first made the decision to sell I contacted my friend Carol Robertson on Stockdale & Leggo Olinda (and Stockdale & Leggo Ringwood) – Carol is also on Instagram as Ms Property Melbourne (well worth a follow whether or not you’re wanting buy or sell property!). I bought my house through Carol back in 2006 and over the next 11½ years we’ve become great friends. When looking for an agent in the Dandenong Ranges I wouldn’t dream of going to anyone else!

Over the next 5½ weeks around 50 groups of people came through at open for inspections (everyone loved the house but for one reason or another it just wasn’t right for their family) and offers were made … then on November 15 we received an offer that we accepted! The buyers of our beautiful home “Danmoor” are a lovely young couple with a baby on the way and we are sure they will love Danmoor, the neighbourhood and the Dandenongs bush as much as us.

So, with an accepted offer we began the arduous task that is PACKING! This was made somewhat more difficult by the busy Christmas period and two of my own businesses that I run from home becoming (much!) busier than usual for the time of year!

The search for a new house didn’t get a chance to really begin until day after Christmas and I’ll tell you all about that in my next post.

The settlement date of Monday January 22 came pretty darned fast … too fast! After a heatwave week and with the temperature still around 40 degrees the final move was done. I had removalists come in on the Friday before and take the big furniture and some of the boxes – everything had to go into storage but we still had to keep out clothing and a few other items to use in the time between moving out and then moving in. It’s NOT as easy as you’d think!

It’s done, house sold, belongings packed and stored, and the search for a new home is well underway. The search for a new house and home has taken me across Victoria both east and west … I’ve looked where it’s hot and dusty, and I’ve looked where it’s green and lush.

I can’t wait to share this journey with you … and then the renovation of my new HOME.

(Real estate photos by Open2View)

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