Our Approach

I believe that your home should be a reflection of you and your personality ... home is where your heart lives.

My Story

Around 25 or so years ago I wandered into my local Spotlight store to buy a couple of metres of ribbon.  I've no idea if I ever even used that ribbon (I do tend to buy fabrics because I love them not to actually use them!), but what I left the shop with that day was a job to apply for in the dress fabrics department. I didn't get that job because instead I was offered a job in the furnishings department. Well, for someone who loves decorating as much I do it was the start of a whole new world!

I stayed with Spotlight for 5 years moving from counter sales to soft furnishings coordinator, then to head office in the buying team, and then a stint as the "fixer" (sorting and restoring order to stores custom-made furnishings departments), before ending up managing the custom-made furnishings installation office.

I needed more of that decorating fix that I loved so I moved on and started my own interiors business specialising in window treatments and soft furnishings.  I got to spend my days with my loves of decorating, styling, and old homes!

Along the way I was contracted by Penguin Books as technical consultant and writer of the window furnishings chapter of The Penguin Australia Do-It-Yourself Manual  - imagine a whole book about renovations and I was included!!!

I have an appreciation for the beauty that can be seen in just about all 'styles'.  My own personal style is a mix of French farmhouse, country, Australian country, Hamptons, and traditional.  It's a mix but it can all work!

Love of Home is all about HOME ... all of the things that go toward making our houses into a home.

Over the years Love of Home has evolved and changed over the years and is now right where I'm at my happiest ... providing a range of services and connections for our growing community, including:
· Twice weekly podcast discussing all the different aspects to 'home'
· Home e-Decorating and e-Styling services
· AirBNB styling
· Renovation coordination
· AirBNB management
· Homewares online store
· Virtual Assistant administrative and online business management support to home stagers, stylists, designers, and all other decorating professionals


Heading the Love of Home team

Jodie Bowker

Lover of Interiors and Renovations

I've loved decorating and interiors styling since I was a little girl ... actually, I can't remember not wanting to re-decorate or re-arrange!  Sharing that love with others is an added part of the joy!


The Little One

I have an obsession with lambies and I love to play with them in my teepee!